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Android Application Development

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Mobile technology is among the fastest growing technologies in the world. Recent years have seen a tremendous growth in sophistication and features of mobile technology. This has resulted in an enormous growth of Mobile Application Development.

Being the first complete, open, and free mobile operating system, Google Android has been a popular mobile applications platform for a variety of modern hand-held wireless devices.

At MayaLogic, our team of experienced Android App Developers have developed dozens of mobile applications using Android Platform and the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) . Our developed applications on the Android platform, including complex implementations like Game Development, 3D Animation, SMS, MMS, Multitasking, Augmented Reality, Optical Character Recognition, Speech Synthesis and Analysis have been well appreciated by our clients worldwide.

Our Android Application Development services ensure that our clients get:

  • Rich and internet style mobile applications targeting excellent user experience
  • Android apps developed using globally recognized, recommended and tested mobile technology
  • Fast, efficient, high quality and effective technology solutions
  • Android mobile applications that utilize the resources of mobile phones in their full capacity

In addition to developing user-friendly Android Apps, we offer Android application design strategies and consultation to our clients.

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